Q.1   Is there a facility to top up my card ?
Yes, you can recharge your PIN/card using your credit/debit card.  Just enter your PIN in the Recharge / Top Up Section on the right hand side of this page.  All recharges are checked to validate the cardholder's details and eliminate fraudulent activity.  All PIN recharges are completed within 30 minutes.
Q.2   Are there instructions for use in other languages ?
Yes there’s a leaflet with each card with translations in English, Spanish, French and Italian. 
Q.3 Do you have a smartphone app ?
Yes, look for the Smart callcard app on iStore or for Android.
Q.4   Where do I find the rates ?
Please check the rate finder on our site. Please note rates are subject to change. 

Q.5  What if I want to make a follow-on call ?
To make a follow-on call when you have completed your first call you do not need to hang up.  On completion of the first call you simply press ## to make another call.
Q.6  Can I use your PIN save feature?
Yes, dial your access number, enter your PIN, and when you are told your credit, press *1. The next time you dial your access number you will be told your balance without having to enter your PIN. To remove the PIN that is saved against your phone number, press *2.
Q.7  How long do I have to use the credit on my card/PIN ?
Your PIN is valid for 180 days from first use.
 Q.8  Can I use the Smarter Call Card to call a mobile phone number ?
Yes, a user can dial an international mobile ( number, however please note that calls to mobile phones will be charged at a much higher rate than calls to landline numbers in the same country. In addition calls made to mobiles which are answered by voice mail are deemed to have been connected and will be charged for at the appropriate mobile rate for that network.

Q.9  Can I make calls from my mobile phone using the Smarter Phone Card ?
Yes you can, however we don’t recommend it as the savings are considerably less than from a payphone or landline. Your mobile provider may charge you international roaming charges even when dialling a Freephone or Local Access Number from your mobile phone. 
 Q.10  Do I pay more from payphone or mobile ?
Yes, there is a regulated payphone access levy from payphones and may be a mobile access levy from mobile. Generally, it is cheaper to make a call from a payphone rather than a mobile. Mobile and payphone levies are very expensive.
Q.11  Can I use the Smarter Call Card from a friend’s phone without incurring cost to them ?
From a landline, yes. Dial the Freephone Access Number indicated on the back of the card and your friend will not be charged for the call you make. 

Q.12 Does the card work from every phone ?
Unfortuantely no, some operators block access from mobiles , or payphones in certain countries.

Q.13 Will I get charged if I use the Smarter Call Card from my Hotel room?
Some Hotels do charge for the use of the phone from your hotel room. Please check with your hotel before making a call. 

Q.14 Do I need to insert the Smarter Call Card into a payphone to make a call?
No, do not enter the Smarter Call Card into a payphone to make a call. Please see HOW TO USE page for instructions on making calls with the Smarter Call Card, this process is the same for landline, mobile or payphone use. 

Q.15   What happens if I lose or damage my card ?
Smarter Call Card accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damaged Smarter Call Card Phone Cards.

Q.16 Can I work out the cost of a call?
Yes, please use our Rate Finder on the right hand side of this page to calculate the cost of your call. All rates quoted are valid until midnight GMT.

Q.17 Do you need credit on your mobile to use the Smarter Call Card?
Yes, you need mobile credit to make an outgoing call with the Smarter Call Card. The Smarter Call Card is not mobile call credit. 

Q.18 How many countries can the Smarter Call Card be used from? How will I know what countries it can be used from?
It can be used from most European countries 

Q.19 Can I email Smarter Call Card for support?
Email support@smartercallcard.com - please include the following information:
  • Your PIN
  • What country you are in
  • What Access Number you are dialling
  • What source were you using – i.e. landline, mobile, payphone etc?
  • If you were using your own mobile, did you put the country prefix in front of the Access number?
  • What message, if any, you are hearing